The Council is committed to help Build a Better District and is developing and consistently improving the way it measures and manages the performance of services to deliver improvements.


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Daventry District

Performance management

Daventry District Council has developed and is constantly improving the way it measures and manages the performance of its services to deliver improvements.

To assist with this, the Council has performance co-ordinators to support their service area in collecting and reporting performance data to be submitted to the Scrutiny and Improvement Committee on a quarterly basis. 


Annual Review 

Each year the Council produces an annual review highlighting what the Council wanted to achieve and what the Council did achieve for the past year.

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Data Quality  

Daventry District Council is committed to the very highest levels of data accuracy. This includes data used internally for management decision-making, and data reported externally on the performance of the Council and its services. 

There are 6 characteristics for Data Quality - Accurate, Valid, Reliable, Timely, Relevant, Complete 

The Audit Commission annually reviews the Council's management arrangements for data quality.

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Further information

Key statistics for Daventry District


  • Population 85,950 (ONS 2019 mid-year estimate)
  • Households 37,191 (June 2020)



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