New #NorthantsTogether campaign launched

Northants Together avatar.jpg

A new campaign called #NorthantsTogether has been launched to help share local information and advice about COVID-19.

Across Northamptonshire, a wide range of organisations and individuals are working really hard to help our communities during the outbreak and keep people safe.

Many of these organisations are now beginning to use the shared hashtag #NorthantsTogether in their messaging to demonstrate the scope of activity and support available across the county.

These organisations include health services, local councils, the police, the fire and rescue service, as well as care providers, community groups, voluntary and charitable organisations and education providers.

Regular updates and information related to COVID-19 are being issued to the public from a variety of sources including; health and government advice, latest regulations and guidance, details of the community support available, as well as changes and amendments to local services.

Our approach is to help our communities to link together locally. By using the shared hashtag #NorthantsTogether or by referring to it in our communications, it will make it easier for local people to identify local messages and discover what support and information is available in the county, and how the vulnerable are being cared for.

We know not everyone will have access to social media, so while we will use this as a hashtag for social media, it’s a way of showing we will all work together to support Northants Together.

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