Make it your New Year’s resolution to lower energy bills

Big Switch couple avatar.png

Resolve to save money on your gas and electricity bill this year by changing energy provider through Big Switch Daventry District. 

The scheme uses collective purchasing power in a bid to secure the best deals around and is open to residents in Daventry District thanks to a partnership between Daventry District Council and iChoosr.

Everyone who registers for the Big Switch is entered into a national collective, with energy companies then invited to bid for their custom in an auction. 

Because the collective is often tens of thousands of people strong, the energy companies are often able to offer very good deals in a bid to secure all those new customers.

A total of 108 households across Daventry District changed energy provider with the Big Switch in the autumn, saving an estimated average of £112.50 per year each.

The registration process is quick and easy, with just an annual bill or indication of annual energy usage required. 

Following the end of the registration period, everyone who signed up will be sent an offer indicating any savings they could make. There is no obligation to accept that offer and no fees or charges involved, whether people decide to switch or not.

People who switched providers through last winter’s auction are particularly encouraged to register again, as their fixed-term contract will be coming to an end and this is an opportunity to secure another good deal through the scheme.

To find out more and register for the Big Switch, visit or phone 01327 871100 before the deadline of 11 February 2019.