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Proposals which could see a new secondary school built off Daventry's Eastern Way will be looked at in further detail after a decision to endorse it was 'called-in' by councillors.

Daventry District Council (DDC) proposed the site following an approach by the Department for Education, which has identified the need for a new 1,000-place secondary school in Daventry.

The Council's Corporate Strategic Plan also identifies securing the delivery of a third secondary school for Daventry as one of its priorities, to help young people in the area meet their potential.

A number of potential sites were explored, with the land off Eastern Way determined by the Department for Education (DfE) as being the most suitable.

Illustrative plans by the DfE (pictured above) show how the site could accommodate a running track and other sports facilities at the Ashby Road end, with the entrance and the school buildings towards Welton Road, near the iCon Centre.

The land off Eastern Way was partially earmarked for educational purposes in DDC's Daventry Town Centre Vision 2021, which was adopted in 2004.

Under these latest proposals the site would be given to the Secretary of State for the purposes of delivering the school.

The Council's Strategy Group endorsed the idea at its meeting of Thursday 9 July but this decision has since been 'called-in' by councillors.

This means it will be looked at in further detail before being considered by the Council's Scrutiny & Improvement Committee at its meeting of 22 September. The recommendations of the Committee are then expected to be considered by full Council on 8 October. 

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More information about the proposal can be found in the report which went to the Council’s Strategy Group meeting

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