First Shadow meetings mark next chapter for unitary preparations

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Councillors from across Northamptonshire will take up their seats on the two new shadow authorities this week as preparations progress to create the North and West unitary councils.

Members of the West Northamptonshire Shadow Authority will meet for the first time at 7pm on Tuesday (2 June) and the North Northamptonshire Shadow Authority at 7pm on Thursday (4 June). Both meetings will be held virtually via video-conferencing and streamed live to the public on YouTube.

The Leaders of the two new shadow authorities said the inaugural meetings marked the start of the next chapter in the unitary journey.

In a video update published this week, North Shadow Leader Cllr Russell Roberts and the West Shadow Leader Cllr Ian McCord gave more details on the next phase of the work to set up the new councils on 1 April next year – a new approach called Safe and Legal Plus - and highlighted the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

At the two meetings, the shadow authorities will adopt their constitutions and appoint their interim statutory officers (interim head of paid service, monitoring officer and chief finance officer).

Both meetings can be viewed live on Youtube channel: