Electric pool cars help Council reduce carbon footprint

Electric charging avatar.jpg

A new electric pool car is helping Daventry District Council (DDC) drive down its carbon emissions.

The Volkswagen e-Golf is for use by staff whose jobs involve occasional business travel, being more environmentally friendly and cheaper than offering a mileage allowance. 

It replaces another electric vehicle - a Nissan Leaf - which came to the end of its three year lease recently having been driven more than 13,000 miles.

Using the Leaf over a petrol-powered equivalent helped the Council make a carbon saving of 2.3 tonnes 

The e-Golf has a longer advertised range of about 144 miles and is expected to be driven around 7,000 per year during its three-year lease. It joins the Council’s other staff pool car - a self-charging hybrid-electric Kia Niro which is also used as the Chairman’s official vehicle.

The arrival of the new pool car underlines DDC’s commitment to supporting the growth of electric vehicles. 

The Council offers four free charging bays at its Lodge Road offices and has developed an Electric Vehicle Plug-in Plan in a bid to extend the District’s network of charging infrastructure and to help to encourage people to make the transition from petrol and diesel cars.

People can find out more on our electric vehicles page