District refill scheme set to tackle plastic pollution

Refill Daventry avatar.jpg

Thirsty shoppers will be able to refill their water bottles for free at a range of Daventry town centre retailers, thanks to a new initiative to reduce the use of single-use plastic.

Daventry District Council (DDC) is working with the Sheaf Street Health Store and City to Sea on Refill Daventry District, a new local scheme to encourage local businesses to act as water ‘refill stations’.

Businesses which sign-up are encouraged to put a sticker in their window telling passers-by that they are welcome to fill up their water bottle for free.

They can also add themselves to the Refill mobile app, which people can download for free in order to help them find their nearest refill station. 

Campbells Property, Evergreen Art Café, The Health Pod, Alpine Carpets, Jeeves @54, The Foundry, Bread & Circus, Costa, Greggs, The Saracens Head Inn and the Sheaf Street Health Store are among the town centre businesses to have signed up so far, but the scheme is open to retailers across the District.

Refill is an award winning national campaign launched by City to Sea in 2015 in a bid to cut plastic bottle use.

It is estimated that around 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are bought across the UK each year, resulting in substantial amounts of single-use plastic waste ending up in our oceans.  

Councillor Jo Gilford, Environment Portfolio Holder at Daventry District Council, said: “Every time we refill a re-useable bottle instead of buying and throwing away a single-use bottle, we not only reduce the amount of plastic and fuel being used, but save a bit of money and help clean up our towns and open spaces too. 

“We’re very grateful for the support of The Sheaf Street Health Store and City to Sea in getting this project off the ground in our District and I look forward to seeing more businesses signing up as word spreads.

“Please look out for the Refill stickers in the windows of businesses across our District or check the free app to find out where you can refill for free.”

Shaun Higgs, co-founder of the Sheaf Street Health Store, said: “We’re lucky in Daventry to be surrounded by such beautiful countryside, this Refill scheme takes us one step closer to being a zero-waste town.”

Natalie Fee, founder of City to Sea, the organisation which is the driving force behind the Refill Scheme, said: “We’ve seen a huge appetite for our Refill campaign across the UK. Refill puts the power to stop plastic pollution in people's hands - it's a fantastically easy way to reduce your plastic consumption and save money at the same time. 

“Businesses can add themselves to the app too and help create the wave of change needed to keep plastic bottles out of our oceans." 

Find out more about Refill Daventry District and how you can take part at www.daventrydc.gov.uk/refill or visit the Refill website at www.refill.org.uk