Daventry service and asset transfer proposals agreed

Daventry Market avatar.jpg

Councillors have approved proposals to transfer some Daventry District Council (DDC) services and land to Daventry Town Council (DTC).

At the Full Council meeting last night (Thursday, 25 July) DDC Members agreed to proceed with offering to transfer local open space and other local services, including Daventry Market and Welton Road Cemetery to the Town Council, along with street furniture in the town that is not county council-owned. DTC is meeting on Monday 29 July to consider its response to the proposals.

Part of the package would only transfer if Parliament formally approves an order to replace DDC with a new West Northamptonshire Council. The approval is expected in the autumn. This includes public open spaces and play areas, including New Street Recreation Ground.  Responsibility for maintaining the Holy Cross churchyard and roadside verges in the town would also pass to the Town Council, along with care for the Mulberry Place public square once developed.

Daventry and Borough Hill Country Parks, which serve the wider District, are not included in the package of transfers.

The package has been drawn up by DDC following a request by DTC in the light of the future unitary plans. Many of the services set to be transferred by DDC are typically run by parish councils in other areas of the District.

Councillor David James, DDC’s Economic, Regeneration and Employment Portfolio Holder said: “With legislation expected to be passed to replace our District Council with a larger unitary authority, it is timely to consider whether some of our services or assets could be taken on by DTC so they continue to be managed closer to the people of Daventry.

“Following Council’s decision we will be working closely with the Town Council during the year ahead to move preparations forward.”