Councillors have approved proposals to revise Daventry District Council’s pay structure to tackle the impact of the National Living Wage and ongoing difficulties of recruiting and retaining staff.


The authority’s current pay band structure for officers was introduced 18 years ago and its pay rates are now below market levels, making it increasingly difficult for the Council to recruit and keep staff at all levels, particularly professional, technical and managerial posts.


National Living Wage increases are also making it challenging for the Council to maintain reasonable differences in salaries between the posts in its lower pay bands, having a potential knock-on effect to posts and pay bands further up the scale impacting on equal pay.


Difficulties also include recruiting temporary workers, especially for jobs where there are skills shortages, and in some cases the Council has been unable to secure suitable candidates due to the current pay levels.


At the Full Council meeting on Thursday 26 July, councillors discussed the issues and agreed proposals to change the Council’s pay structure along with an increase in the salaries budget.


All pay bands have received a percentage increase, which vary to ensure that differences between each band are maintained for all members of staff. However the average increase on employees’ pay is 6.61%.


Councillor Liz Griffin, Deputy Leader and Human Resources Portfolio Holder at Daventry District Council, said: “Our full attention must be given to recruitment and retention of our employees. Revising the pay structure will help us to achieve the prioritised agenda for the benefit of residents within the likely time frame left for our district council.”


Read the full report here

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DDC Lodge Road offices
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