Council responds to telephone box proposals


Daventry District Council (DDC) has asked BT to retain ten of the 19 telephone boxes it was proposing to remove in the district.

Two of the boxes the Council would like to see kept are the traditional red ‘K6’ kiosks at Long Buckby Wharf and on Main Street in Cottesbrooke, on the grounds that they are important to the District’s heritage.

It has also objected to proposals to remove modern telephone boxes in The Green in Byfield, Spratton Road in Brixworth, Welford Road in Creaton, Thames Road and Trafalgar Way in Daventry, Market Place and Station Road in Long Buckby, and Whilton Locks, due to call volumes suggesting there is still a need for them. 

DDC has also supported a request by Byfield Parish Council to replace their modern payphone with one of the traditional red boxes.

The District Council agreed with the proposals by BT to remove nine other modern telephone kiosks with low usage.

The response was agreed by members of DDC’s Strategy Group last week (Thursday 14 November) following a public consultation held in October and has now been sent to BT for consideration.