Builder fined after tipped waste created a roadblock of rubbish

Spectacle Lane flytip.jpg

A builder has been ordered to pay more than £4,000 in fines and court costs after allowing three tonnes of rubble to be tipped over a road near Moulton.

There was so much rubbish that it effectively blocked Spectacle Lane to traffic, while small pieces of underlay and insulation materials from the pile were blown into nearby fields and hedges, creating further mess which took two days to clear up.

Fortunately a cyclist saw the offence and noted down the tipper truck’s registration number before reporting it to Daventry District Council (DDC). 

The information helped Council enforcement officers trace the rubbish to Jake Christopher Brian Cox, of Langdale Road, Northampton.

And before Wellingborough Magistrates on Monday, Mr Cox pleaded guilty to failing to take proper care of the waste, contrary to S34 (2A) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Magistrates fined Mr Cox £1,000 and ordered him to pay costs to DDC of £3,372.26 – which included the £600 it cost the Council to clear the waste and the littering it caused. He was also ordered to pay a £100 victim surcharge.

Speaking after the hearing, Daventry District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environmental Health, Cllr Richard Auger, thanked the cyclist for reporting the incident, which took place in October 2017.

He said: “I would like to commend this public-spirited person, who had suspicions when they saw the tipper truck in the lane, and then had the presence of mind to note its registration number and get in touch with us to report it. 

“That vital piece of information allowed us to trace the source of the rubbish and bring about this conviction, without need for the cyclist to attend court. I’m also extremely grateful to the Council’s former Environmental Protection Officer Alan Lovell, who carried out the original investigation and who briefly came out of retirement to attend the court hearing in support of this action.

“Our District typically suffers from between 60 to 110 fly-tips each month, costing time, money and resources that could be better spent elsewhere. Hopefully this prosecution sends a powerful message that we will not hesitate to take action against those who think it is acceptable to blight our countryside with their rubbish.”

Anyone who witnesses the illegal dumping of waste in Daventry District is urged to report it to the Council at