A vision for the future of Daventry Town Centre

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People are invited to take part in a major project to shape a new vision for the future of Daventry town centre.

The Daventry Town Centre Vision 2035 will set out how the town can change and evolve over the next 15 years and beyond.

Led by Daventry District Council and Daventry Town Council, the project is calling for the views and ideas of those who know Daventry best – residents and businesses from the town and surrounding area – to help create a plan to maximise the town centre’s potential.

The Vision will look at how its retail and leisure offer can be improved and expanded, and the potential for it to host new events and leisure activities.

It will include proposals for where these new activities could go and any redevelopment that would be required to create an attractive environment for visitors.

The Vision will also address how the town centre’s historic features can be preserved and enhanced, as well as look at the improvements to transport infrastructure that may be required, such as cycle tracks, footpaths, bus facilities, roads and parking.

Unfortunately Covid-19 restrictions have prevented the public consultation events that were originally planned to allow people to have their say on the Vision.

Instead, a new website has been launched at daventry2035.com where people can find out more about the project, take an interactive tour of the town centre, and have their say by completing an online questionnaire.

Key stakeholders, including representatives from businesses, councils, and other organisations, have also been invited to have their say during a series of remote online workshops taking place during the summer.

The Daventry Town Centre Vision 2035 follows on from the Town Centre Vision 2021, which attracted around £50 million of investment into Daventry and delivered a number of schemes including the Abbey Retail Park, the iCon Centre and new education facilities off Ashby Road.

Councillor David James, Daventry District Council's Economic, Regeneration and Employment Portfolio Holder, said: "With the likely creation of the unitary West Northamptonshire Council in 2021, a new Town Centre Vision will help to provide a focus on Daventry when the new authority may well have other pressures and priorities.

"We are starting with a blank page so we’re really keen to hear people’s views. It’s your town, so please share with us your vision for its future and let's work together to make it happen."

Councillor Lynne Taylor, Mayor of Daventry, said: "Daventry is growing rapidly, and it is vital for the town centre to grow and evolve with it. A vibrant town centre is the beating heart of any town and we want to work with our residents and businesses to deliver that in Daventry.

"Unfortunately the ongoing situation with Covid-19 means we are not able to host the physical public consultation events we had planned in the town centre. However people's views are crucial to shaping this new vision, so I would urge people to visit the website and fill in the questionnaire.

How to have your say


The deadline for comments is midnight on Sunday, 16 August 2020