Daventry District Local Strategic Partnership

Achieving More Together 

What is a Local Strategic Partnership (LSP)?

A LSP is a non-statutory body that brings together representatives from the key public agencies, local business and the voluntary and community sector.  The main objective of the LSP is to improve the quality of life in the area by identifying local needs and agreeing a strategy to make Daventry District a better place to live and work in. 

The LSP is responsible for producing and reviewing the Daventry District Community Strategy which sets out the key priorities we need to address in the District. 

The LSP consists of an Executive and the Health and Wellbeing Partnership Forum.  The priorities that the forum address are:


Health and Wellbeing Forum   

To encourage everyone in Daventry District to be healthier and have a better quality of life:

  • Healthy Start - Every child is safe and has the best start in life

  • Healthy Choices - People choose healthier lifestyles and have greater control over their health and wellbeing

  • Healthier for Longer - Vulnerable adults and elderly people are safe and able to use services and support that helps them live as independently as possible


Thriving urban and rural businesses, high employment and a workforce that is skilled and can achieve their full potential:

  • Skills and Learning

  • Development and Regeneration

  • Housing


Promote environmental sustainability and to improve the attractiveness of the district:

  • Promote environmental sustainability

  • Improve the attractiveness of the district


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If you feel that you or your organisation could contribute to a particular Theme or more generally to the aims of the Daventry District Local Strategic Partnership please use the link below.

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Key Documents

  • Community Strategy 2014-2018