Please read the Council's  Petition Scheme before you submit a petition. The scheme explains how people can submit a petition and how the authority should respond. Petitions that are supported by a given percentage of the local population will trigger a response.  Anybody who lives, works or studies in the local authority area can sign or organise a petition, however: 


  • Petitions must relate to a function of the local authority, or matters over which it has influence
  • Vexatious, abusive or inappropriate petitions will not be accepted.
  • Petitions which have other means of redress, such as planning and licensing decisions, will not be accepted.
  • Duplicates or repeats of a matter that has already been considered within the last 12 months will also not be accepted.
  • 3,500 signatures will be required to trigger a debate at Full Council.
  • 2,000 signatures will be required to trigger a senior officer to be held to account by the Council’s Scrutiny and Improvement Committee.     


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