People's Panel

Daventry District People’s Panel is made up of people from all over the district who are willing, from time to time, to give views on local public services, their neighbourhood and local issues. Currently the panel consists of over 220 members and for the panel to develop, new members are encouraged to join regularly.

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How do panel members give views? 

Panel members are invited to take part in postal and online surveys, telephone surveys or face-to-face focus groups.  These will all originate from Daventry District Council and your views will help improve public services in the area.

How to apply 

To apply, please e-mail your name, address, telephone number and the e-mail address you would like us to use.  

You choose to give feedback 

You choose if you give us feedback - there is no obligation.

All we ask is your permission to contact you when we have a survey, forum or consultation group that might be of interest to you.

What do we do with the information you give us? 

We will use the information provided to improve public services in the local area. Any information you give us will be used only in connection with consultations you take part in through the panel. We will store your details carefully and in strict accordance with our data protection policy.

You can opt out from the panel at any time by contacting our Data Protection Officer at

To view our Privacy Policy click here

What happens next? 

Please don’t worry if you aren’t contacted immediately after you join. Each survey will be aimed at different groups of people or areas of the district, and it may take some time before we have a survey that applies to you.


Further information

If you have any questions about joining the panel, please use the contact details link below.


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