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Waste and Recycling collections 2018

Waste and recycling proposals 2018

This page provides information about future service for waste and recycling collections in Daventry District.


In June 2018 Daventry District Council’s current waste and recycling contract with Amey/Enterprise will end.

DDC therefore looked at a wide range of options for how best to provide your waste and recycling service in a way that could be afforded within the Council Tax limits and grant available, complied with the law and changed things people particularly didn’t like.

This included exploring waste collections from once a week to once every four weeks. A group of residents from the Daventry District People’s Panel, and DDC staff as well as some outside experts were engaged to think about the different things that might work. Consultants were then asked to look at all the options, so that those that worked best could be identified.

How will the service change?

The Service will follow the ‘1-2-3’ service which seems to us to best meet the requirements.


How will the service be delivered?



 From June 2018 environmental services will be delivered by a joint venture (JV) with Norse Commercial Services Limited.


The Following Services would be the responsibility of the JV:

  • Household and trade waste collection, including materials for recycling, garden waste and kitchen waste.

  • Cleansing of land in the Council's control and highways (except motorways) in the District.

  • Landscape maintenance of land in the Council's control and highway verges in Daventry town (because it is co-terminus with much of the Council's land).

  • Country Parks operations.

  • Daventry Markets.

  • Cleaning of public toilets.

  • Preparation of burial plots.

  • Play equipment inspections.

  • Grounds maintenance.  


Norse is owned by Norfolk county council and has 12 service provision JVs with councils. The closest is Wellingborough.


Strategy Group gave approval for this on 13th April 2017 and the full report can be viewed on the link to the right of this page. (Public consultation on the 1-2-3 service).  

Bin table NEW July 2016.PNG

 A ‘large bin’ means a wheeled bin like your current black and brown bins – which are 240 litres in capacity. A medium sized bin is a 180 litre capacity wheeled bin, so 75% of the size. An extra-large bin is 360 litres. These are currently provided for some large families.

Assisted collections for people who cannot move their bins themselves would continue to be provided.

Waste options 2018

Public consultation on the 1-2-3 service

**The consultation is now closed**

A public consultation on the 2018 waste options proposals ran from 12 February until 31 March 2016. 

Nearly 1,000 people gave their feedback during the Consultation. A report on the findings and the next steps for the service was considered by the Council's Strategy Group on 14 July, 2016.

View the Strategy Group report on the future of Environmental Services.


Full Council agreed the new 1-2-3 service on the 28th July 2016.


View the Strategy Group proposal for the joint venture with Norse Commercial Services. Agreed 13th April 2017.     

Watch our quick guide to the new service