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Have your say to help design the future of local government

Deadline: 22 July 2018

Consultation on a re-structure of local government in Northamptonshire starts today, with opportunities for all residents, businesses and other stakeholders in the county to have their say.

All eight authorities in Northamptonshire are working on a proposal for the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government that “must command a good deal of local support”, so stakeholders across the county have an opportunity to comment before a final proposal is submitted.

People are being encouraged to have their say by going online to complete a questionnaire at

Promoting Responsible Ownership of Dogs Survey

Deadline: midnight on Tuesday 24 July 2018

The original Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) was introduced for a period of three years in December 2015.  When this period is up in December of this year the council can either extend the Order, or consult the public and introduce changes to create a new PSPO which will run if for a further three year period up to 2021.

As well as testing those laws already in place the council is also keen to take advantage of this opportunity to expand the requirements of the existing PSPO and consult on more innovative ideas and to extend the remit for the PSPO to encompass other pressing local issues that fall within the description of ASB.

The consultation exercise will ultimately be used to inform the laws to be contained within a new Public Spaces Protection Order.

Complete the survey here


Electric vehicle charge points

Deadline: 4.30pm on Friday 22 June

The Council would like to hear your views on electric vehicles and the availability of public charge points in Daventry District.

Our aim is find out how many people are driving or considering the purchase of electric or hybrid vehicles, as well as an idea of where people would like to see new charge points installed.  

Complete the survey here 


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