Consultation Feedback





  • Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) Enhanced Dog Control Powers - Summary of Consultation Responses

  • Revision to Local Requirements for the validation of planning applications (5/12/14 - 30/1/15) - awaiting report







  • Council Tax Support Scheme - Consultation Response (December 2012)

  • Jubilee Playground, New Street Recreation Ground - A consultation with local children and their families as to what they would like the playground to look like and what equipment they would like it to have in it.

  • Lease of Open Space land to The Grange School - A consultation with local residents to seek their views on the lease of open space land to The Grange School for their use as playing field.

  • Housing Needs Surveys - A three year rolling programme of housing needs surveys started in 2011.  



  • Country Park Visitor Centre Improvements (April 2011)

  • Polling Station Review - A review of all Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations within the District. These reviews take place every four years to help ensure Polling Places remain suitable and fit for purpose. Please click here to viewthe findings of this review

  • Daventry 2040 Masterplan  - The draft Daventry Masterplan 2040 has been devised to provide ambition and drive for the social, economic and environmental growth over the decades to come. The Exhibition Document can be downloaded to view or click herefor more information.  

  • Dog Control Policy -   A consultation on various orders in regard to the control of dogs.  Copy of  questionnaireand leaflet

  • Sex Establishment Licensing Policy - Consultation on Daventry District Council's policyon the regulation of sex establishments.

  • Provision of Leisure - Consultation to inform a strategic review of the leisure centre and sports parks from usersand non users.

  • Housing Needs Surveys - A three year rolling programme of housing needs surveys started in 2011. 

  • Corporate Equality Scheme - Consultationon the draft Equality Strategy.

  • Daventry Country Park Visitor Centre - Children, teachers and the general public were asked for their views to help to improve the visitor centre.


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