Financial Information

Changes to Direct Debits


Register of Fees and Charges 



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Financial Regulations 

Daventry District Council's Constitution sets out how the authority operates, how decisions are made and also the procedures that ensure efficiency, accountability and transparency. Incorporated within this are the authorities Financial Regulations / Procedures as well as the Contract and Procurement procedure rules which govern the authorities financial transactions. Copies of the constitution are available to download from the link below.




Treasury Management 

The Treasury Management Strategy Statement and Annual Investment Strategy is approved annually by Full Council for the forthcoming year. This Strategy sets out the Authorities Strategy and Practices for the Treasury Management Functions.


2013/14 - Full Council 28th February 2013

2014/15 - Full Council  27th February 2014

2015/16 - Full Council  26th February 2015

2016/17 - Full Council 25th February 2016

2017/18 - Full Council 25th February 2017

2018/19 - Full Council 22nd February 2018

2019/20 - Full Council 21st February 2019

2020/21 - Full Council 20th February 2020