Council budgets

Budget book 

Daventry District Council's Budget Book is a published plan of all income and expenditure for the financial year in question. The Budget Book details all planned general fund and Capital Expenditure. Copies of the Council's budget book can be found below;


Budget Book 2012/13

Budget Book 2013/14

Budget Book 2014/15

Budget Book 2015/16

Budget Book 2016/17

Budget Book 2017/18

Budget Book 2018/19

Budget Book 2019/20


Full Council Approved Budget 

2010/11- Approved 4th March 2010 (Full Council)

2011/12- Approved 3rd March 2011 (Full Council)

2012/13- Approved 1st March 2012 (Full Council)

2013/14 - Approved 14th February 2013(Strategy Group) & Approved 28th February 2013(Full Council)

2014/15 - Approved 13th February 2014(Strategy Group) & Approved 27th February 2014(Full Council)

2015/16 - Approved 12th February 2015(Strategy Group) & Approved 26th February 2015(Full Council)

2016/17 - Approved 11th February 2016(Strategy Group) & Approved 25th February 2016(Full Council)

2017/18 - Approved 9th February 2017 (Strategy Group) & Approved 25th February 2017 (Full Council)

2018/19 - Approved 9th February 2018(Strategy Group) & Approved 22nd February 2018(Full Council)

2019/20 - Approved 7th February 2019 (Strategy Group) & Approved 21st February 2019 (Full Council)


Efficiency Plan

Full Council has approved the Council's Efficiency Plan for the period 2016/17 to 2020/21, which sets out the Authority's strategies for delivering efficiencies and managing financial risk over the medium term period and how it will be monitored.


2016/17 to 2020/21 Efficiency Plan