Parish Councils

Parish Councils


Parish or Town Councils are the most local level of government in England. They are independent of other levels of local government, i.e. District and County Council, however they maintain a close working relationship with both. 


In addition to the town of Daventry there are 72 parishes of varying character and size in the district, which provide limited local services. By law, every parish must hold an annual meeting consisting of all its electors. Most of the parishes in the Daventry District are large enough to have an elected Parish Council to oversee their affairs, in addition to their electors' meeting.  Altogether there are 52 Parish Councils, 1 Town Council and 20 Parish Meetings in the district.  Parish Councillors serve for a term of four years.   


All Parish Councillors are required to complete a declaration of interest form and the Monitoring Officer is required to maintain a register of these interests.


If you consider a Member of either the Town Council or one of the Parish Councils within the district has failed to follow the Code of Conduct please click on the following link to view the Code of Conduct complaints process  page. 


Below is a directory of Daventry District's Parish Councils and Parish Meetings. Click on either the surname of the Chairman/Clerk or the name of the Parish Council/Meeting to view the contact details.  Alternatively use the keywords search or the A-Z finder below.

Parish Councillors

Parish CouncilWebsite addressClerk last nameClerk to Parish Council
Althorp Parish Meeting EvansAlthorp Parish Meeting
Arthingworth Parish Council PartridgeArthingworth Parish Council
Ashby St Ledgers Parish MeetingAshby St Ledgers Parish MeetingRoltAshby St Ledgers Parish Meeting
Badby Parish CouncilBadby Parish CouncilFosterBadby Parish Council
Barby & Onley Parish CouncilBarby & Onley Parish CouncilCampBarby & Onley Parish Council
Boughton Parish CouncilBoughton Parish CouncilBuntingBoughton Parish Council
Braunston Parish Council RoltBraunston Parish Council
Brington Parish CouncilBrington Parish CouncilGilbertBrington Parish Council
Brixworth Parish CouncilBrixworth Parish CouncilRowbothamBrixworth Parish Council
Brockhall Parish Meeting AingerBrockhall Parish Meeting