Officer decisions

Transparency and openness is a fundamental principle behind everything Daventry District Council does, and rights have been introduced nationally to help members of the public better understand how decisions are made.

This includes the publication of information relating to significant decisions made outside meetings by officers acting under a general or specific delegated power.

DDC Lodge Road offices

Please view the information below and click on the links for more information about decisions made by officers of Daventry District Council outside of public meetings using those general or delegated powers:






24th July 2014

C.240714/3 pgs 85-93

Community Well Being

Delegated Authority:

The final decision on submission of a tender is delegated to the Chief Executive in consultation with the Leader, Community, Culture & Leisure Portfolio Holder and Housing and Health Portfolio Holder.


Community Wellbeing Services for Daventry District - Written record of officer decision (Aug 6, 2014)  

Community Wellbeing Services for Daventry District - written record of officer decision (Aug 8, 2014)


Determination of Licensing Applications  

Licensing Partnership Public Register

We are responsible for the administration and enforcement of a wide range of licences required by law. We deal with over 1000 licence registrations and permit applications every year covering everything from Acupuncturists to Zoos.

All licences issued are held on the publicly available register.

We are currently updating our register. Whilst this is in progress, licences issued before 1st July 2019, can be established from the Central Licensing Administration Unit’s
Public Register. Public Register information from the 1st July 2019 can be supplied by the Licensing Team during office hours.

Please contact the Licensing Team (Daventry Area) by:

Phone: 0300 126 7000


Determination of Planning Applications 


Neighbourhood Areas in Daventry District

Determination of Building Control Applications

Determination of applications to remove telephony equipment