Town and Parish Council Elections

Parish or town councils are the most local level of government in England.

They are independent of other levels of local government, ie district and county council, however they maintain a close working relationship with both. The powers of parishes vary depending on how large and how active they are.

Some meet infrequently (but at least four times a year, including one public meeting) and are responsible for very few matters. Larger parishes carry out many duties such as street lighting, managing cemeteries, allotments, commons, village halls, war memorials and markets etc.

Elections for parish councils take place during the 3 out of every 4 years that district council elections are held.

If a Local Councillor resigns or dies the 'seat' becomes vacant and a by-election may be called to find a replacement. A by-election can happen at any time provided the vacancy occurs at least six months before the date for normal elections.

Election results

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