Election Results 2018

Election Results 2018

Daventry District Council results

Abbey North (one seat)

Nigel Victor CARR (Independent): 112 votes

Adam Charles COLLYER (UK Independence Party): 73 votes

Alan Roger Mohktar KNAPE (Liberal Democrats): 312 votes

Leslie Colin POOLE (Conservative Party): 407 votes

Aiden John RAMSEY (Labour Party): 599 votes ELECTED

Electorate: 5,377

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,506

Turnout: 28.01%

Rejected papers: 3

Abbey South (one seat)

John Henry BUTLIN (Liberal Democrats): 115 votes

Lewis CLARKE (Labour Party): 670 votes

Colin MORGAN (Conservative Party): 819 votes ELECTED

Electorate: 4,829

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,619

Turnout: 33.53%

Rejected papers: 15

Brixworth (one seat)

Stuart Matthew COE (Labour Party): 428 votes

Kevin PARKER (Conservative Party): 1,163 votes ELECTED

Kathryn PURCHASE (Liberal Democrats): 197 votes

Electorate: 5,491

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,796

Turnout: 32.71%

Rejected papers: 8

Drayton (one seat)

Zbigniew CHETNIK (Liberal Democrats): 92 votes

Andrew Stephen DABBS (Labour Party): 825 votes ELECTED

Timothy WILSON (Conservative Party): 492 votes

Electorate: 4,535

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,423

Turnout: 31.38%

Rejected papers: 14

Hill (one seat)

Simon Edward COCKAYNE (Liberal Democrats): 94 votes

Peter MATTEN (Conservative Party): 655 votes ELECTED

Katie THURSTON (Labour Party): 627 votes

Electorate: 4,775

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,381

Turnout: 28.92%

Rejected papers: 5

Long Buckby (one seat)

Peter INGLES (Liberal Democrats): 311 votes

Chris MYERS (Labour Party): 766 votes

Steve OSBORNE (Conservative Party): 949 votes ELECTED

Electorate: 5,501

Ballot Papers Issued: 2,046

Turnout: 37.19%

Rejected papers: 20

Moulton (one seat)

Nicola Helen Malvina HUDSON (Labour Party): 299 votes

Sarah Rose RICHENS (Liberal Democrats): 120 votes

Michael Warren (Conservative Party): 847 votes ELECTED

Kevin Peter WHITE (Green Party): 146 votes

Electorate: 4,025

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,421

Turnout: 35.30%

Rejected papers: 9

Spratton (one seat)

Pete COLES (Labour Party): 237 votes

Rupert Moscrop KNOWLES (Liberal Democrats): 159 votes

Sarah PECK (Conservative Party): 931 votes ELECTED

Kathy WICKSTEED (Green Party): 79 votes

Electorate: 4,001

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,415

Turnout: 35.37%

Rejected papers: 9

Walgrave (one seat)

Grant Lee Andrew BOWLES (Liberal Democrats): 195 votes

Lesley WOOLNOUGH (Conservative Party): 431 votes ELECTED

Electorate: 1,646

Ballot Papers Issued: 630

Turnout: 38.27%

Rejected papers: 4

Weedon (one seat)

Callum BATCHELOR (Labour Party): 354 votes

Alan George FAIERS (Liberal Democrats): 246 votes

David SMITH (Conservative Party): 1,183 votes ELECTED

Electorate: 5,115

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,798

Turnout: 35.15%

Rejected papers: 15

Welford (one seat)

Stephen Roger DEARE (Liberal Democrats): 189 votes

Cecile IRVING-SWIFT (Conservative Party): 854 votes ELECTED

Sue MYERS (Labour Party): 222 votes

Electorate: 3,416

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,272

Turnout: 37.24%

Rejected papers: 7

Woodford (one seat)

Gary John DENBY (UK Independence Party): 191 votes

Christina Louisa FITCHETT (Labour Party): 347 votes

Rupert FROST (Conservative Party): 984 votes ELECTED

Edward JUDD (Liberal Democrats): 178 votes

Thomas Joshua SKILLINGTON (Green Party): 125 votes

Electorate: 5,448

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,829

Turnout: 33.57%

Rejected papers: 4

Yelvertoft (one seat)

Alan CHANTLER (Conservative Party): 372 votes ELECTED

Rio Jesse Torah KNOCK (Labour Party): 63 votes

Stephen PIMM (Liberal Democrats): 221 votes

Electorate: 1,590

Ballot Papers Issued: 660

Turnout: 41.51%

Rejected papers: 4

Parish/Town Council Election Results:

Harlestone Parish Council

Abbey South (Daventry Town Council)

Moulton Parish Council

Result of the Neighbourhood Planning Referendum in
Woodford Cum Membris:

The question asked: Do you want Daventry District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Woodford Cum Membris to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

Number cast in favour of yes: 663 (85.88%)

Number of votes cast in favour of a no: 109 (14.12%)

Electorate: 2,865

Ballot Papers Issued: 797

Turnout: 27.82%

Rejected papers: 25

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