Code of Conduct - Complaints Process

Those who work in local government are expected to observe the seven principles of public life.   All the Members of Daventry District Council adhere to a Code of Conduct (Part 3 of the Council's Constitution).  The District Council has an Appeals and Standards Committee to oversee the conduct of District and Parish Councillors. The functions of the Committee are to:-


  • Provide the Council with advice on adopting a Local Code of Conduct.
  • Help Members to follow the Code.
  • Provide or make provision for Member training on the Code.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the Code.
  • Promote and maintain high standards of conduct for Members.
  • Deal with local determinations.


The Appeals and Standards Committee comprises of both elected District and Parish Councillors, together with co-opted independent Members. The co-opted Members are all residents of the District having no other connection with the Council.

If you wish to make a complaint, please click on the following link to view the Local Code of Conduct for Members Complaint Form and once completed please submit it electronically to the Monitoring Officer - or send it by post to the following address:


Monitoring Officer

Daventry District Council

Lodge Road



NN11 4FP


Please click on the following link to view the 'Arrangements for Dealing with Allegations of Breaches of the Code of Conduct for Members'.If a complaint is admissible the Monitoring Officer consults with an Independent Person who has been appointed for this purpose.

Complaints will only be considered if they are about the behaviour of a Member.  Recent complaints (June - December 2019). Complaints about things that are not covered by the Members’ Code of Conduct  will not be considered.  If you make a complaint it must be about why you think a member has not followed the Code of Conduct. 


The Appeals and Standards Committees were amalgamated in July 2012 and before that time the Committee that dealt with Code of Conduct issues was known as the Standards Committee. The agenda and minutes from previous meetings of the Standards Committee can be accessed by clicking the following link to the Committee library . Papers can be viewed by selecting the appropriate year shelf and then by selecting the Standards Committee Folder. The Record of Allegations report, which outlines the progress of cases referred for local determination, can be viewed within this library.


A Standards Hearing was held on Friday 17th January 2014, please click here to view the Decision Notice.

A Standards Hearing was held on Tuesday 17th October 2017, please click here to view the Decision Notice



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