Companies linked to the Council

Council linked entities

The Council has, for various reasons, acquired or established interests in various legal entities. These perform a range of functions, including generation of income and providing services. The various entities are listed below, with details of other owners and where their accounts can be found:

Entity: West Northamptonshire Norse Limited

Type: Limited company

Other owners: Norse Commercial Services Limited (80%); this company is ultimately owned by Norfolk County Council

Accounts: None – the company is too new to have published accounts

Additional information: West Northamptonshire Norse (formerly Daventry Norse) exists mainly to provide environmental services – waste, litter picking, street sweeping, landscape maintenance and burials – on behalf of the Council. However, it will also offer services on a commercial basis. Visit the West Northamptonshire Norse website

Entity: PSP Daventry LLP

Type: Limited liability partnership

Other owners: PSP Facilitation Limited (50%); this company is owned by Public Sector Plc.

Accounts: See listing for PSP Daventry LLP at Companies House

Additional information: PSP Daventry LLP is a partnership designed to facilitate the development of Council owned land. It is not currently active.

Entity: The Daventry Estate Company Limited

Type: Limited company

Other owners: None

Accounts: See the listing for the Daventry Estate Company Ltd at Companies House

Additional information: The Daventry Estate Company Limited is a private residential landlord owned by the Council. It lets out 32 houses in Middlemore, Daventry.

Entity: DDC Operations Limited

Type: Limited company

Other owners: None

Accounts: None - company is dormant

Additional information: DDC Operations Limited is a ‘dormant’ company – that is, it is not in use – kept in case of the failure of one of the Council’s major service providers.