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How to get to web mapping

Are you new to Daventry District or just keen to find out more about the area and services where you live?

Our web map will help you quickly locate a range of local amenities, from local schools to libraries, as well as allowing you to report a variety of issues to DDC online, whether it's a missed bin or a noise complaint.

  • Click on the link below and follow some simple steps:  
It may take a moment to load and you'll be asked to agree to some terms and conditions by ticking a box.

  • Next, enter your postcode in the search box provided, press enter and click on your chosen  address. (see fig 1.)

Finding an address

By searching for an address you'll be presented with a map and an icon representing the address you've searched for on it.

Address details are then shown in the pop-up window, such as property type, ward, parish and polling district.  If the property is a residential one you'll see the following options that link in directly with our self service (see fig 2.):

  • Request replacement bins.
  • Report missed bins. 
  • Council tax banding.


Clicking on either of the first two options will take you to a mobile friendly form which will pre-populate with your address details. You can then fill in the rest of the form and submit the request directly to us on-line.

mapping search
fig 1. address search

Navigating the map

mapping address found
fig 2. address details

You can zoom into the map for more detail about your area.  Do this by using either the mouse wheel or  by double clicking.  If on a tablet or mobile device use the pinch zoom gesture.

If you're using a smaller screen, try clicking on the Council's church icon/logo to hide the toolbar and layer groups.  To bring it back, simply click the grey icon.

What you can view on the map

You can use the mapping menu to locate and view a range of local information.

The menu consists of multiple layers grouped into 7 distinct group types. Each layer is presented on the map as either a point or an area and can be clicked upon for additional information.

Public buildings, info & education

Find your nearest schools, colleges, nurseries, churches, libraries and village halls. (see fig 3.)

Preservation & conservation

Check where your local conservation areas are, or view trees or areas with preservation orders


Find your nearest recycling centre, dog bins or litter bins, public toilets and cash machines (ATMs)


Information on outlets including local petrol stations, post offices and food stores


Find your nearest play areas, open spaces, leisure centre, allotments, marinas and reservoirs 

Boundaries and planning

View the location of live planning applications, or view electoral wards and find councillor contact details

Incidents reported by the public

Here you can see local incidents reported to DDC, such as fly-tipping, graffiti and grounds maintenance and details of when they were reported. 

mapping preservation
fig 3. map layers - group expanded

Reporting using the map

mapping report something
fig 4. plotting & reporting something

You can use the map to plot and report a range of environmental issues to DDC (see fig 4.) Reporting types include:

  • Graffiti, flytipping, grass/shrub/hedge/tree cutting
  • Abandoned shopping trollies
  • Litter picking/street sweeping
  • Empty or replace public bins
  • Dead animal in road
  • Dog fouling
  • Noise incidents
  • Smoke complaints
  • Odour complaints
  • Light nuisance
  • Damage to play equipment
  • Damage to street nameplates 

1.  Click on the Report location pin on the menu and zoom in to the location you require (tip: make sure you've unticked your previous searches in the menu before you do this).

2.  Pinpoint the location and scroll down on the options to find the issue you wish to report.

This will take you to our self-service form that you'll need to fill in.

Other online services

There are many other services you can access 24/7 on our website, whether it's paying your Council Tax bill, requesting a parking permit or reporting many other service-related issues.

Visit our Online page here to find out more