Payment help

Making Payments via the Internet is an Easy and Secure method. Most major credit and debit cards are accepted. (Except Electron and AMEX)  

To make your payment you will need to have your credit/debit card, and the reference number(s) for the bill your wish to pay (eg Council Tax / NNDR / Mortgage)

Once you have selected the type of bill you wish to pay, this will take you directly to the next stage.

Reference Number

  • Council Tax reference numbers are 9 digits long and start 900

  • Non- Domestic Rates reference numbers are 9 digits long and start 300

  • Invoice reference numbers are 12 digits long and start with a 1 or 2

  • Mortgage reference numbers are 11 digits long and start with a 7


The Reference Number can be found on the bill that has been issued to you.

  • Account Name - This is the name of the person/company who is liable for payment

  • First Line of Address - Please enter the first line of the address of the account you wish to pay including house/unit number, or house name, followed by the street

  • Town/Village - This is the town or village that the property is situated in

  • Post Code - Post Code of the property that you are making the payment for

  • Amount - Enter the amount of the payment that you wish to make, eg 21 44

  • Card Number - This is the long number that runs across the centre of your credit/debit card

  • Card Holder Name - This is printed on the credit /debit card and can be found on the left hand side

  • Expiry date - This will consist of 4 digits e.g. 02/03

  • Issue Number - This is only required if you are making a payment by Switch

  • Start Date - This will be shown on your credit/debit as the 'valid from' date and will consist of 4 digits eg 02/01.
    After completing this section, press continue, the system will now process your payment and confirm all the details that you have entered


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