Mobile Web Application

You can now access Daventry District Council's services and information on the move with a new free mobile web application for smartphones and tablets.
On this page you can find more details on how to register for the app and how to add a shortcut to the desktop of your mobile device.


How the app works


The mobile web app is designed to work on a multitude of devices such as Apple's iOS, Google's Android, Windows Phone 7/8, and the majority of desktop browsers for PCs and MACs.


The app is hosted, which means you do not need to install it on your device (as with traditional device specific apps), can be used on more than one specific device and takes up little to no storage space.


For details on how to register for an account please read on.  To go directly to the mobile web app please visit

DDC Mobile Site
Mobile Web App - Information Screen
Mobile Web App - Information Screen


How to register

Before using the mobile web app you should register your details. The process is simple and is the same regardless of the device you are using.


Here's what you'll need to do: 

1.  Open your mobile web browser.


2.  Visit


3.  There are 2 ways to sign in:

a.  Click the signup link from the main page.

b.  Press the 'i' (information) button at the top of the applications toolbar to bring up the information screen (this is shown in the screenshot opposite).  Select option 2 and click continue. 

4.  Enter your post code (this must exist within the Daventry District), click search, select your address from the list and click continue.


5.  Fill in your contact details and click continue.


6.  Select a security question and enter the correct response (this will be used if you need to reset the account).  Enter a password for the account and click continue.  An activation email will be sent to your email address.


7.  Check your email inbox (and spam/junk mail folder(s) if appropriate).  Open the activation email we sent to you and click on the activation link.  By clicking on the link your account is activated.  Go back to the home page by clicking on the x icon in the app's toolbar. 


You can now login using your email address and the password you entered. 



How to add an icon to your mobile device


The mobile web app can be used just like a native mobile app on your device. Below are instructions to add icons using the three most popular mobile platforms. Please ensure that you've registered on the app before you try to do this otherwise the icon shortcut may not work correctly.



Open Safari and go to, click on the share icon and select the "Add to Home Screen" icon (this should show the Daventry District Council logo). An icon will then be placed on your home screen.



Open Chrome and go to, click on the add bookmark icon and click save.  Open up the bookmarks tap and hold the DDC icon and select "add to home screen".  The icon will now be added to your tablet or phones home screen.


Windows Phone 7/8

Open Internet Explorer and go to, click on the "..." options icon and select "pin to start", the web page will appear on the start menu although windows will not use the standard icon but a screen shot for the icon instead.



Further information 

The mobile web app was created in-house using the JQuery Framework together with the latest .NET server side technology. The JQuery framework is constantly updated and the technology is continually improved. As new releases emerge with improved performance and or fixes the mobile web app will be tested and updated to utilise any new functionality in order to provide a better overall user experience.


Android devices

PLEASE NOTE:  Android devices are available in multiple hardware and software combinations, each of which are available in different provider and user configurations.  Whilst every effort has been made to cater for as many Android devices as possible some older versions of the Android OS may experience problems when using the application.  If you are experiencing problems it is recommended that you first upgrade your device to the latest release of the Android operating system.  If you are running the latest version and the login screen is pre-populating with incorrect information please go to your browser settings and clear your auto-complete / form data then reload the form.  If you are still experiencing problems then please feel free to contact us using the link below.


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