What can I recycle in each bin or box?

Food bin and caddy
Food bin and caddy

Food waste - collected weekly

Find out more about food waste collections

✓  Meat and fish - raw and cooked including bones

✓  Fruit and vegetables - raw and cooked

✓  All dairy products such as eggs and cheese

✓  Bread, cakes and pastries

✓  Rice, pasta and beans

✓  Uneaten food from your plates and dishes

✓  Tea bags and coffee grinds

✓  Fats - solid and semi-solid but not liquid

Red box
Red box

Red box - collected weekly

✓  Newspapers, magazines, paper

✓  Beverage cartons (i.e. juice, soup, long-life milk)

✓  Cardboard - this must be broken down to cereal packet size

✓  Wrapping paper (not metallic)

✓  Shredded paper (can be placed in a bag)

✓  Envelopes including windows

✓  Junk mail

✓  Telephone directories

Blue box
Blue box

Blue box - collected weekly

✓  Mixed rigid plastics, yogurt pots, margarine tubs, fruit punnets

✓  Foil

✓  Glasses (spectacles)

✓  Food and drink cans

✓  Glass bottles & jars

✓  Aerosols

✓  Plastic bottles

✓  Biscuit and chocolate tins

Please wash & squash your cans and plastics 

Do not put in

✗  Broken glass

✗  Other metal items i.e. solid steel kegs, knives, cooking pans, coat hangers

✗  Crisp or wrappers, cellophane packaging/cling film, plant pots or polystyrene.

✗  Household Batteries 

Brown bin
Brown bin

Brown bin - collected fortnightly

  Grass cuttings

✓  Flowers and plants

✓  Leaves and bark

✓  Prunings and hedge trimmings

✓  Small branches

Do not put in

✗  Cardboard or paper (place this in the red box)

✗  Soil, mud or rubble

✗  Large logs or wooden planks

✗  Plant pots

✗  Food waste (place this in the food bin)

✗  Pet bedding or animal droppings

Note:  Your brown bin will not be collected if unacceptable items are found in your bin or if your bin is too heavy for the crews to lift onto the vehicle.

If you have leaf litter from Ash trees and are unable to dispose of this in your own garden on a bonfire or by home composting, you can continue to place this in your brown bin for collection. All green waste collected from brown bins is sent for composting.

Black bin
Black bin

Black bin - collected fortnightly

Your black bin is collected fortnightly on the alternate week to your brown bin collection – please check your calendar if you are not sure when it will be collected.

Your black bin is for all items that cannot be recycled (eg nappies, polystyrene, film-based plastics etc).

Please present it for collection with a closed lid and no side waste or it will not be collected.


Clothes, shoes and textiles - collected weekly

Textiles can be collected each week with your other recyclables.  

Place old clothes, shoes and textiles into bags, tie them up and present with your recycling boxes.  

(Must be in clear bags to be collected).

Note:  Duvets or pillows  are not collected under the textiles scheme.

Tips for recycling


  • Please put your recycling boxes out for collection every week. If you don't have a recycling box or need an additional one, you can order via Order new bins and boxes.

  • If you have more garden waste than will fit in your brown bin, either take it to the household waste recycling centre or consider buying a home compost bin.

  • Please remember to wash and squash your cans.

  • If you have an excess of waste or recycling please use your nearest household waste recycling centre (tip).


Find out more information on how you can reduce and recycle waste on the Recycle for Northamptonshire website.


Recycling materials are generally collected in a vehicle that sorts and separates them into paper, plastic, glass, at the side of the road.
Very occasionally, when a vehicle breaks down for example, recycling materials have to be collected together in one lorry.  If this happens, all the materials are taken back to the depot and separated there for further recycling or sent to a facility that deals with a mixture of recycling materials.  Nothing is wasted.


Recycling during strong winds

With strong winds predicted across Daventry District this winter, please try to secure any loose recycling when you put your boxes out for collection. 

You can squash your cans, cartons and plastic bottles to help stop them from blowing away and place heavier items such as glass on top of your blue box and placing your food caddy or blue box on top of your red box to stop any loose paper blowing away.


We do not supply lids for the recycling boxes as they limit the amount of recycling that can be put in the box, but you can use nets to cover your box and stop materials blowing away.  Nets are available to buy from various suppliers online, including the Coral Products website and the Recycle Boxes website.  Please note we can't replace lost, damaged or stolen nets.


Other waste services



  • Pull out and return service - if you are unable to move your bins or boxes due to mobility problems, please contact us as you may qualify for a pull out and return service.


  • Clinical waste collections - clinical waste is collected from homes at the request of the Health Authority. Guidance on disposing of healthcare waste from the home can be found here.


  • Commercial waste collections - we can offer a weekly, chargeable waste collection service for any business operating within the district.

  • Report a missed collection - if your waste or recycling is not collected by the end of the scheduled collection day, please report it no later than by the end of the next working day.  For example if your scheduled collection day is Monday and your waste and recycling have not been collected by 5pm on Monday you must report the missed collection by 5pm on Tuesday. 


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