Waste and recycling service updates

Service Updates

Crews are being deployed as normal this week so please put your bin & boxes out as normal.

Snow disruption, March 1 to 3: Snowfall and freezing temperatures led to a suspension of the collection service on these days. 

Unfortunately, due to the number of properties affected, crews will not be able to return until your next scheduled collection day. If you run out of room in your recycling boxes over the next week please separate items into clear or thin (supermarket-type) white bags and put them out next to your recycling boxes on your next scheduled bin day.

Mixed recycling collections - general advice

Occasionally, when a vehicle breaks down for example, recycling materials have to be collected together in one lorry.  If this happens, all the materials are taken back to the depot and separated there for further recycling or sent to a facility that deals with a mixture of recycling materials.  Nothing is wasted.

Recycling materials are generally collected in a vehicle that sorts and separates them into paper, plastic, glass, at the side of the road.

Due to recent instances of vehicle breakdowns, mixed recycling collections are currently taking place in parts of Daventry District.


Please also be aware that substitute waste trucks in the District may also carry the livery of other councils which are provided with environmental services by Enterprise Managed Services (Amey) such as Peterborough City Council.

Missed collections

If your bin and/or boxes are missed please report it online here

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