Sign up for new Garden Waste service

Garden waste subscriptions

Garden waste collections from homes in Daventry District is a chargeable subscription service.  Collections take place fortnightly with a small break over Christmas.

You need to opt in and pay the fee if you want the council to collect your garden waste.

The service is operated by West Northamptonshire Norse, a joint venture between West Northamptonshire Council and Norse Commercial Services.


Renew your garden waste subscription for 2021/2022

Please note: the 2021/22 subscription period runs for ten months - from 1 June 2021 to 1 April 2022 - and costs £35 per bin.

This is to bring the service in line with the garden waste scheme that is in operation in the Northampton area, and which runs from April to March.

Payment can be made by debit or credit card or by direct debit. The fee must be paid in full when you sign up to the service. 

Register and pay online for the 2021/22 season here

View the terms and conditions


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If you opt-in to the service, your garden waste bin will take the following:

  Grass cuttings and weeds

✓  Cut flowers and plants

  Leaves and bark

  Prunings and hedge trimmings

  Twigs and small branches


The garden waste bin will not take:

  Cardboard or paper 

  Soil, mud or rubble

✗  Large logs or wooden planks

✗  Plant pots

✗  Food waste (place this in the food bin)

✗  Dog and cat waste

Your questions answered


What do I do if I don’t want the garden waste service?

This is an opt-in service so you only pay if you wish to use it. If you do not wish to sign up, you can take your garden waste to your local household waste recycling centre.

You may also wish to consider home composting. For details of any offers in your area please input your postcode at 


Why are you charging for garden waste collections?

The charge was introduced in June 2018 as the Council could no longer afford to collect garden waste free-of-charge. Councils are not required by law to collect garden waste free-of-charge and not everyone uses the service. Making it self-funding will enable the service to continue for only those who want it. As a non-essential, opt-in service, it is not paid for by your Council Tax. Around half of all local authorities in England now charge for garden waste collections.


I pay more Council Tax for a house with a large garden. Why should I pay separately to have my garden waste collected?

Council Tax is a tax, varied by house value to reflect, in broad terms, the ability of people to pay. Whilst overall it helps fund for local services, paying more does not create an entitlement to receive more services. There is, for example, no difference in the amount of books which can be borrowed in a library depending on the amount of Council Tax paid. 


How will you know I have joined the garden waste service?

All homes that sign up will receive a garden waste permit to sticker permit on their garden waste bin. Bins that do not display the sticker will not be emptied. These will be a different colour each year.

What happens if I haven't received my new sticker?

If you have registered for the new garden waste service but have not received your wheeled bin sticker, please contact West Northamptonshire Norse on 0345 2185215 or email

What happens if I damage or lose my sticker?

You can request a replacement sticker. There will be a £10 charge for each replacement and your previous permit will be cancelled. You will be asked to provide evidence of a damaged sticker.

What happens if my bin is broken and already has the sticker on?

In these cases if the bin is no longer usable then you will be sent a new permit for the new bin, marked replacement and the previous permit will be cancelled.

Can I cancel half way through the year? What if I move house?

No. The payment is made for the year ahead with no cancellations.  You can transfer the service to a new address if you are moving within the Daventry District.


Can I share a garden waste bin with a neighbour?

Yes, if you wish to share, then one of you will need to pay the charge and you can arrange between yourselves how you split the use of the bin.

Can I have more than one garden waste bin?

Yes, as long as the full fee is paid per bin. To order two on your credit or debit card, please complete the process twice. 

Is there a charge for a replacement bin?

If your bin has been lost or damaged by the refuse collection crews, we will replace it free of charge but only if it is no longer usable. Signing up for the garden waste service does not mean you will automatically get a new bin.

Will you take side garden waste?

No, all garden waste needs to be contained within the wheelie bin provided. You can have more than one bin as long as you pay the subscription fee for each bin.  

Can I pay for the garden waste service in installments? Are there any concessions?

No, there are no concessions and the annual charge must be paid in full in advance of the start of your collections. The subscription fee covers the service from 1 June 2021 to 1 April 2022.

How many people have subscribed?

More than 20,000 households subscribe to the service annually.

Will I get a new garden waste bin each year or if I am a new subscriber?

No, your subscription does not entitle you to a new bin. If your bin is badly damaged or broken it will be replaced but otherwise you should continue using your current bin. If you are subscribing for an extra bin subscription then you will be provided with an additional bin for as long as you have more than one subscription. If you are subscribing for the first time and do not currently have a bin then a new one will be provided.


Will my bin be emptied if it hasn’t got the correct permit/sticker on?

No, only subscribers bins will be emptied.