Your new waste and recycling collections from June 2018

We’re introducing the new 1-2-3+ Collection Service this summer, to increase recycling and reduce waste.

From June 2018 you will receive:

1 weekly food waste collection 

2 weekly recycling collection in new blue-lidded wheelie bin

3 weekly general waste ‘black bin’ collection

+ an optional 2-weekly garden waste service for an annual fee of £35 a year

The new service forms part of a wider new environmental services arrangement, which from June 2018 will be delivered by a joint venture between the Council and Norse Commercial Services Ltd.

Find out more information about the background to the new service and the joint venture.

It is likely that your collection day will change when the new service is introduced, but the exact details of this have not been determined yet. A full information pack, including a collection calendar and collection day information, will be sent to you in May 2018.

How the new service will work:

123 food waste graphic 280

Food Waste

From June 2018, we will continue to collect your food waste from the brown food caddy every week.

It is likely that your collection day will need to change in order to introduce the new waste and recycling arrangements across Daventry District.

We would encourage every household to use this service, as recycling your food waste will also help to slim the waste in your black bin and reduce potential smells from it.

All leftover raw and cooked foods can be put into the caddy, including veg peelings, out of date food, plate scrapings, solid fats, meat and fish bones. Please do NOT put any liquids in the caddy.

You can line your caddy with paper, compostable bags or plastic carrier bags.

What can I recycle?

✓  Meat and fish - raw and cooked inc bones

✓  Fruit and vegetables - raw and cooked

✓  All dairy products such as eggs and cheese

✓  Bread, cakes and pastries

✓  Rice, pasta and beans

  Uneaten food from your plates and dishes

  Tea bags and coffee grounds

✓  Fats - solid and semi-solid but not liquid

Please do not put in:

✗  Food packaging or wrapping of any sort

✗  Liquids

✗  Kitchen towel

View our list of frequently asked questions

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In June 2018 we are improving your recycling collection by replacing your red and blue boxes with a new blue-lidded wheelie bin, which will be collected every two weeks.

You don’t need to sort your recycling – items can be placed in the bin mixed together.

All the same recyclables will still be collected and you can also now add large cardboard.

A larger wheelie bin will help you to recycle more over two weeks than you did weekly with the smaller blue and red boxes.

Your recycling is covered and protected from the weather.

What can I recycle?

✓  Large cardboard (NEW)

✓  Wrapping paper (not metallic) 

✓  Drinks cartons (i.e. juice, soup, long-life milk)

✓  Card and paper inc envelopes with windows

✓  Telephone directories and catalogues

✓  Mixed plastics inc yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, fruit punnets 

✓  Foil and foil trays

✓  Food and drink cans

✓  Glass bottles and jars

✓  Empty aerosols

✓  Plastic bottles

Please wash and squash all your plastic bottles, tubs and trays

Please do not put in:

✗  Broken glass

✗  Pyrex glass

✗  Drinking glasses

✗  Sheer glass

✗  Children's toys

✗  CD/DVD cases

✗  Other metal items inc steel kegs, knives, cooking pans, coat hangers

✗  Crisp packets, cellophane/cling film, plant pots or polystyrene

✗  Carrier bags

  Black plastic food trays

✗  Hardback books

View our list of frequently asked questions

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General Waste

From June 2018 your black bin containing general waste will be collected every three weeks.

Three weekly rubbish collections are being introduced to help encourage more recycling and will reduce the money spent on treating and disposing of rubbish. 

Your black bin is for all your general household waste that cannot be recycled or composted, including:

✓  Polystyrene

✓  Crisp packets and sweet wrappers

✓  Nappies

✓  Kitchen towels and tissues

✓  Cat litter

Please do not put in:

✗  Hot ashes

✗  Corrosive materials

✗  Liquids inc oil and paint

✗  Large items which do not fit in the bin

✗  Heavy materials inc stones, car parts or rubble

Please note than extra bags of rubbish at the side of the bin will not be collected.

View our list of frequently asked questions

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Optional Garden Waste service

From June 2018 garden waste collections from homes in Daventry District will become a chargeable service.

You will need to opt in and pay the annual fee if you want the council to collect your garden waste.

The service costs £35 per bin for a subscription from June 2018 to the end of May 2019 – that’s just £1.40 per collection.

Register for the new garden waste collection service here

Alternatively please call 0345 2185215

What can I recycle?

✓  Grass cuttings and weeds

✓  Cut flowers and plants

✓  Leaves and bark

✓  Prunings and hedge trimmings

✓  Twigs and small branches

✓  Straw

Please do not put in:

✗  Cardboard or paper

✗  Soil, mud or rubble

✗  Large logs or wooden planks

✗  Plant pots

✗  Food waste

✗  Dog and cat waste

Visit our Garden Waste page for more information