Village Design Statements

Village Design Statements

Village Design Statements provide more detailed design guidance for a parish to supplement Daventry District Council's planning policies. They are prepared by Parish Councils, and following consultation they are adopted by the Council as Supplementary Planning Documents.

Guidance for Parish Councils

The Council has produced two guidance notes for Parish Councils interested in preparing a village design statement. The first is a general guide which explains what a VDS is, what it covers and sets out the stages in its production. The Council has produced a separate guidance note which incorporates advice on biodiversity and heritage issues which is based on standard advice issued by Natural England, The Wildlife Trust and Historic England. The two guidance notes can be downloaded below:


Stowe Nine Churches Draft Village Design Statement 

The Council consulted on the Village Design Statement (VDS) for Stowe Nine Churches between Wednesday 23rd October and Friday 6th December 2019.This consultation is now closed. Any comments will be considered by Strategy Group and Full Council in due course. 

Village Design Statements in Daventry District:

Listed below are the Village Design Statements that have been adopted by Daventry District Council (click on the links to download):

Arthingworth - adopted February 2016 


Byfield - adopted February 2016 


Boughton - adopted May 2017 


Bringtons and Nobottle - adopted October 2018 



Clipston - adopted May 2013 


Creaton - adopted September 2004 


Crick - adopted December 2010 


Daventry Town 






Great Oxendon - adopted October 2016 


Hellidon - October 2016


Hollowell & Teeton 


Long Buckby 






Ravensthorpe - adopted February 2017






Spratton - adopted May 2013






Yelvertoft - adopted October 2015