Submitted Neighbourhood Development Plans

Plans on this page have been submitted to Daventry District Council and are being progressed.

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Maidwell with Draughton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2018 - 2029

The consultation on the Maidwell with Draughton Neighbourhood Development Plan has now closed. The responses can be viewed opposite.

What Happens Next?

The District Council and Maidwell with Draughton Parish Council will appoint an independent examiner who will examine the plan against the basic conditions. These are that the plan:

  •  Must be appropriate having regard to National Policy       

  • Must contribute to the achievement of sustainable development

  • Must be in general conformity with the strategic policies in the development plan for the local area

  • Must be compatible with human rights requirements

  • Must be compatible with EU obligations





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What is the Maidwell with Draughton Neighbourhood Plan?

The Maidwell with Draughton Neighbourhood Development Plan is the emerging development plan for the Maidwell with Draughton Neighbourhood Area (covering the parishes of Maidwell and Draughton) for the period 2018 to 2029. On adoption it will form part of the Development Plan, which planning applications in that area will be assessed against.

Responses received to Submission Neighbourhood Development Plan:

MwD01 Historic England

MwD02 Sport England

MwD03 Mr P Turland

MwD04 Anglian Water

MwD05 Mr R Barnes

MwD06 Network Rail

MwD07 Mr P Coulson   

MwD08 Maidwell Hall School

MwD09 Mrs E Arnold

MwD10 Mr C Rabjohn

MwD11 Mr S Bates

MwD12 Mr C & Mrs A Rabjohn

MwD13 Mr A Palmer

MwD14 Mrs D Simmons

MwD15 Daventry District Council

MwD16 Natural England

MwD17 Mr T Simmons

MwD18 Gladman Developments Ltd.

MwD19 Environment Agency

MwD20 Mr J Crook 

MwD21 Mrs J Bonner

MwD22 Mrs M Sanders-Hewett

MwD23 Mrs K Sharrock

MwD24 Mr & Mrs Nuvoloni

MwD25 Savills

MwD26 Mrs A Paybody

MwD27 The Wildlife Trust

MwD28 Mr C Abolins

Consultation Documents

You can view all of the consultation documents by clicking on the links below:

Maidwell with Draughton Neighbourhood Development Plan (including a policies map)

Maidwell with Draughton Neighbourhood Development Plan Basic Conditions Statement

Maidwell with Draughton Neighbourhood Development Plan Consultation Statement

Maidwell with Draughton Neighbourhood Development Plan Screening Report for SEA/HRA  

Staverton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2018-2029

The independent examiner, Rosemary Kidd Dip TP, MRTPI has published her report on the Staverton Neighbourhood Development Plan. Down load it below.


What Happens Next?

The Council will need to make a decision on the Examiners Report. The website will be updated as more details are known.