Submitted Neighbourhood Development Plans

Plans on this page have been submitted to West Northamptonshire Council and are being progressed.

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Kilsby Review Neighbourhood Development Plan 2021-2029

The Kilsby Review Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) has been prepared to update the “made” Kilsby NDP (2016), following the adoption of the Settlements and Countryside Local Plan (Part 2) for Daventry District in 2020 and the most recent revision of the NPPF in 2021. It takes into account changes in the neighbourhood area and up-to-date housing needs and heritage evidence. The Parish Council have also developed design codes and propose new Local Green Spaces.  

Kilsby Parish Council submitted their final version of the Kilsby Review NDP in January 2022. The Parish Council considered the amendments to be material amendments that do not affect the nature of the plan. The Council agrees with this view and has published a Statement of Modifications:


The Regulation 16 consultation ran from 28 January to 11 March 2022. Following this, with the agreement of Kilsby Parish Council, the Council appointed an independent examiner, Christopher Collison  BA(Hons) MBA MRTPI MIED IHBC, to review whether the plan met the basic conditions. 

The following examination documents have been issued:

The Council received the report of the independent examiner on 11 May 2022:

The examiner has recommended that the Kilsby Review Neighbourhood Development Plan should be made, subject to the modifications he has put forward. The Council will make a decision on the Examiner's Report on 28 June 2022. The examiner has determined that the plan does not require a referendum.

Staverton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2018-2029

The referendum on Staverton Neighbourhood Development Plan took place on 27 June 2019. As more than half of those voting, had not voted in favour of the neighbourhood plan, the Staverton Neighbourhood Development Plan was not 'made'. Consequently, no weight can be attached to the neighbourhood plan.

View the result of the Staverton Neighbourhood Development Plan referendum

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