Neighbourhood Areas in Daventry District

Neighbourhood Areas in West Northamptonshire (Daventry Area)

Neighbourhood Areas Sept 2022

This map shows the neighbourhood areas which have been designated by the Council in the Daventry Area, including a business area at Crick. Download a copy of the map here.

No proposals have come forward for a neighbourhood development order or a community right to build order. 

Scroll down for an overview of the neighbourhood areas in the Daventry Area of West Northamptonshire, together with their current status. 

You can also find further details of Made Neighbourhood Development Plans in the Daventry Area here

Details of progress made with neighbourhood development plans submitted to West Northamptonshire Council in the Daventry Area can be found here

Groups can find support and guidance to develop a neighbourhood development plan here


Status of Neighbourhood Plans in the Daventry Area

The following provides an overview of the status of all the Neighbourhood Areas in the Daventry Area, together with links to the parish councils for those areas.

Arthingworth > Regulation 14 consultation> Arthingworth Parish Council 

BadbyPlan made 25/01/19 Badby Parish Council

Barby & OnleyPlan made 29/09/16 >  Barby & Onley Parish Council

BraunstonPlan made 17/02/17 >  Braunston Parish Council

BrixworthPlan reviewed 30/03/21 >  Brixworth Parish Council

CharweltonArea designated 30/07/15 >  Charwelton Parish Meeting

ClipstonPlan made 03/12/21 >  Clipston Parish Council

CreatonArea designated 28/02/13 >  Creaton Parish Council

Crick Commercial AreaArea  Decision Document 13/07/15 >  Crick Parish Council

Crick Village AreaPlan reviewed 21/12/21Crick Parish Council

East HaddonArea designated 24/07/14 >  East Haddon Parish Council

FlorePlan made 29/09/16 >  Flore Parish Council

Guilsborough Plan reviewed 23/05/22Guilsborough Parish Council

Great Oxendon > Area designated 18/03/21> Great Oxendon Parish Council

HarlestoneRegulation 16 consultationHarlestone Parish Council

Kilsby Plan reviewed 28/06/22 Kilsby Parish Council

Lamport and Hanging Houghton >   Area designated 04/05/18 > Lamport and Hanging Houghton Parish Council

Maidwell with DraughtonPlan made 29/11/19Maidwell with Draughton Parish Council

MoultonPlan made 01/12/16 >  Moulton Parish Council

NortonRegulation 14 Consultation >  Norton Parish Council

OverstonePlan made 03/12/21 >  Overstone Parish Council

Pitsford > Plan made 17/06/22Pitsford Parish Council

SprattonPlan made 22/07/16 >  Spratton Parish Council

StavertonExaminer's Report Staverton Parish Council

WeedonExaminer's Report >  Withdrawal Statement >  Weedon Bec Parish Council

WelfordPlan made 22/09/17 >  Welford Parish Council

WeltonPlan made 25/01/19Welton Parish Council

West HaddonPlan reviewed 22/08/22 > West Haddon Parish Council

WoodfordPlan made 04/05/18Woodford cum Membris Parish Council