Neighbourhood Planning

These pages provide information, news and resources on neighbourhood planning in the Daventry Area. 

Neighbourhood planning seeks to give communities more control over the future of their area by helping to change attitudes towards development and by giving local people the chance to have their say on what happens where they live.

A Neighbourhood Plan can establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in a defined neighbourhood area. Plans may contain a vision, local priorities, planning policies, proposals for improving an area or providing new facilities or infrastructure, or allocation of key sites for development.

There is no requirement for local communities to undertake neighbourhood planning. A number of alternative approaches are available and we can provide advice on these too.

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News and updates

Arthingworth Neighbourhood Plan

The Arthingworth Neighbourhood Plan examination has now been completed,  The Council have agreed that the plan should now progress to Referendum. Further details can be found  on the website here

Harlestone Neighbourhood Plan

Following a majority vote in favour of the Harlestone Neighbourhood Development Plan at a referendum held on 20 April 2023, the plan is now "made" and forms part of the development plan. It will be used to determine planning applications in the Harlestone Neighbourhood Area alongside existing policy. More information is available here

Neighbourhood Plan Review Toolkit

The Council has produced a toolkit to assist neighbourhood plan groups with "made" plans to consider if a review is needed, the type of review required and the process involved. View our Guide to Neighbourhood Planning for more information.


Advice on consultation

Groups who are considering undertaking formal consultation on draft neighbourhood plans (Regulation 14) should consider how this can be undertaken in a way that will help combat the spread of coronavirus. 

Groups should ensure that they are able to satisfy the Regulations to bring the consultation to the attention of people who live, work and carry on business in the neighbourhood area. This may involve the use of different or innovative methods.

Access the Government's guidance regarding neighbourhood plans 

Any groups wishing to submit their plans for Regulation 16 consultation should contact the Council in advance to discuss timescales and how this will be undertaken in line with the latest Government guidance. 

If you require further advice please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing

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