Local List

The Local List

Daventry District Council is compiling a list of buildings and structures of special local interest, also called the 'Local List'. These are buildings and structures which enrich and enliven their area, but would not be considered of national importance so would not merit statutory listing or scheduling. 

Inclusion on the Local List does not confer any additional statutory planning controls over and above those normally present. However, the fact that a building or asset is identified as having a degree of significance will be a material consideration in determining planning applications.

Examples of buildings and structures which may merit inclusion range from domestic properties, features of infrastructure such as railway or canal bridges, historic street furniture, archaeological landscape features or historic parks. 

If you have any questions about the Local List please email heritage@daventrydc.gov.uk

Adding buildings to the Local List

In order for a building to be included on the list it must be scored against certain criteria, comprising: 

  • The age of the building
  • Its condition and/or completeness
  • The design character and architectural merit
  • The use of materials
  • Its scenic value
  • Access
  • Viability
  • Historic Association.

Conservation Areas Review

The Council is currently  reviewing its conservation areas and considering designating new areas. As it undertakes each review, the list of local buildings is compiled for that parish. 

The Council will compile a list of candidate buildings for inclusion in the consultation draft version of the Conservation Area Appraisal. Local residents can suggest additional buildings for inclusion leading up to and during the consultation exercise. The Council will then evaluate any suggested buildings against the criteria. 

Neighbourhood Planning

Parishes putting together neighbourhood planning documents may wish to put forward buildings and structures which could merit inclusion on the Local List. 

There are particular ways in which this can be recognised in neighbourhood planning documents, and further information can be sought by contacting the Council's Planning Policy team on 01327 871100 or by emailing  planningpolicy@daventrydc.gov.uk   

Subject to meeting the criteria, these can then be added to the Council’s Local List when the conservation area for that location is reviewed.

Areas of Daventry District with structures on the Local List

The Local List has been finalised for the following areas: