Article 4 directions and heritage

Article 4 Directions and Heritage

Particular types of minor development do not need planning permission, even within conservation areas. These forms of development are termed 'permitted development'.

Whilst they may appear minor when viewed individually, changes through permitted development can cumulatively affect the overall character of a building or conservation area, leading to a gradual erosion of its special interest.

This change is managed by the introduction of planning controls known as Article 4 Directions.

Article 4 directions can be put in place on buildings or parts of buildings to add further controls for features which are particularly important to the historic and architectural interest of the area. This may be with regards to development such as replacing windows, painting the exterior of a property or constructing a porch. Each Article 4 Direction will be clear about precisely which permitted development rights have been removed, and for which properties.

Once an Article 4 Direction is made, planning permission becomes necessary to undertake any development referred to within the Direction.  An Article 4 direction does not automatically mean that the development cannot take place, but it provides further controls to ensure that any development that is permitted is appropriate to the character of the locality.

Making an Article 4 Direction

Article 4 Directions can be made both within and outside of conservation areas. Article 4 Directions are made by the District Council as Local Planning Authority. In the process of making the Direction, there will be direct consultation with the properties concerned and the opportunity provided to make comments. 

The Council is assessing the use of Article 4 Directions alongside the current Conservation Areas review project to establish whether further controls are necessary to protect local character.

Current Article 4 Directions Consultations

Consultation October 2021

The consultation on the immediate Article 4 Directions in the conservation areas at Everdon, Little Everdon, Flore, Weedon, Kilsby, Pitsford, Staverton and Welford has now closed. If you would like information regarding the consultation or Article 4 Directions then please email

The following list sets out Article 4(1) Directions which are currently in place within conservation areas in the Daventry area of West Northamptonshire, having been confirmed by council. If you have any queries about development and Article 4(1) Directions in conservation areas please contact


Harlestone Conservation Area

Moulton Conservation Area

Daventry Town Centre Area

Brixworth Conservation Area

Boughton Conservation Area

Braunston Conservation Area

Finding out if your property has an Article 4 Direction

The process of making an Article 4 Direction as part of the Conservation Area project will include consultation with the properties concerned and notification of the adoption of the Direction. 

If you are unsure whether your property is covered by an Article 4 Direction, or whether any works require planning permission, please contact the Council's Development Control service by phoning 0300 126 7000 or emailing 

View the  Government's Planning Portal to find out more information about Article 4 Directions


Article 4 (1) Directions have been proposed for the following conservation areas:

  For more information regarding Article 4 (1) Directions, please contact