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Daventry District is home to numerous attractive settlements, sited within some of Northamptonshire's most beautiful countryside.

Daventry District Council is committed to conserving and enhancing these areas, so that we may protect the heritage of the District for the future. In order to do this, the Council has designated some places as Conservation Areas. 

This puts in place tighter planning controls for anyone seeking permission to alter or demolish a building, or carry out work to trees, in order to maintain the special interest of the area.

View a list of the Conservation Areas in Daventry District

Conservation Areas Review  

The Council is in the process of reviewing its existing conservation areas, as well as considering new designations. You can find out more, including details of how to have your say, below:

Article 4 Directions   

As part of the Conservation Area review, the Council is also considering putting Article 4 Directions in place on certain buildings or parts of buildings. These directions add further controls to protect features that are of particular importance to the character of the conservation area.


The Local List

The Council is also compiling a list of buildings and structures of special local interest, also called the 'Local List'. A list of candidate buildings will be included in draft Conservation Area Appraisals for specific areas, but residents can also suggest additional buildings for inclusion leading up to and during the consultation exercise.


Current Conservation Area reviews

The Council is currently reviewing or exploring the possibility of conservation areas in the following locations:  

  • Crick

  • Pitsford

          DRAFT Pitsford Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan (2018)  

          Proposed Pitsford Conservation Area Map (2018)   

          Consultation Notice   

  • Weedon Bec

          Conservation Area Map 2018

          Weedon Bec Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan 2018

          Statement of Consultation 2018

  • Long Buckby

  • Everdon

  • Woodford Halse

  • Braunston (consultation now closed)

  • Kilsby (consultation now closed)                              


Planning controls in Conservation Areas

In conservation areas there are stricter controls over planning to ensure the preservation of local heritage. Certain rights which are elsewhere classed as 'permitted development' are restricted in conservation areas.

These controls include the need to apply for permission for:

  • The demolition of a building which has a volume of 115 cubic metres or above

  • The demolition of walls of 1 metre or above in height adjacent to a public highway, or 2 metres elsewhere

  • Works to trees whose trunk diameter measures 75mm or above at 1.5 metres above ground level

  • The cladding of the exterior of a building in render, stone, plastic, tiles etc

  • Side extensions and two storey rear extensions

  • Dormer windows, and some other roof alterations

  • The installation of satellite dishes and radio antennae in locations fronting a highway

  • The erection of outbuildings of a certain size.

There are currently 24 conservation areas in Daventry District, all of which are listed below. If you are in doubt as to whether you live or work within a conservation area or require permission for works, please contact us

Conservation areas in Daventry District


There are 24 conservation areas in Daventry District, covering parts of 38 areas/parishes. The list below shows those parishes and the conservation areas that are relevant to them. Click on the links to download or link to the relevant conservation area for your area.


Ashby St Ledgers   








Canons Ashby

Chapel Brampton





Daventry Reservoir





Grand Union Canal  


Great Brington





Long Buckby





Preston Capes




Stowe IX Churches

Weedon Bec