Community Infrastructure Levy

The examiner's report for the CIL examination has now been received. View the CIL examiner's report. A report was considered on this matter by the Full Council on 30th July 2015, when it was resolved that CIL would be introduced from 1st September 2015. 

LPAs must apply indexing to their Charging Schedule to cover construction industry inflation.  This is applied at the beginning of the calendar year, so for 2022 the rates have been indexed using the formula contained in CIL regulation 40.  The indexed rates for 2022 are as follows. This is an annual indexation calculation error correction, pursuant to regulation 26 (2) (b) of the Community Infrastructure Levy regulation 2010 as amended. 

Annual CIL Rate Summary

                Development type and location CIL rate per m²: 2022 rate CIL rate per m²: 2023 rate

Residential development in Daventry town or on an urban extension.



Residential development in the rural areas that is above the affordable housing threshold (currently 5 units or more).



Residential development in the rural areas that is below the affordable housing threshold (currently less than 5 units).



Retail development in Daventry town centre retail zone 



Retail development in all other places



All other development




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The Annual Infrastructure Funding Statement is available here (including Annual Infrastructure Funding Statement)

More details and the documents can be viewed on the West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit website.


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CIL Guidance for Neighbourhoods and Parishes in Daventry District