Daventry District Local Plan, June 1997


This page refers to the Daventry District Local Plan which was adopted in 1997. All of the remaining saved policies have been replaced by the Settlements and Countryside Local Plan (Part 2) which was adopted on 20th February 2020. The saved policies are shown here for information only.


The Daventry District Local Plan was adopted in 1997.  Some of its policies were saved by a  direction from the Secretary of State in 2007.

In December 2014 the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy was adopted and this replaced some of the saved policies.  

Saved Policies from the Daventry District Local Plan:

General (GN)




Environmental (EN)

EN1   EN2   EN3   EN8   EN10   EN11   EN12    EN14    EN18    EN19   EN20   EN21   EN25  EN26   EN35   EN38   EN39   EN42


Housing (HS)

HS4   HS6   HS9   HS11   HS14   HS16   HS18   HS21   HS22   HS23   HS24   HS33   HS34   HS36


Industrial & Commercial Development  (EM)

EM3   EM7   EM9   EM10   EM11   EM12   EM13   EM14   EM15   EM16   EM17


Retail (RT)

RT4   RT6   RT8   RT9


Communication (CM)

CM3   CM4   CM5   CM6   CM11


Tourism (TM)

TM2   TM4   TM5


Recreation, Leisure and Community Facilities (RC)

RC1   RC6   RC7   RC8   RC12   RC14   RC16


Inspector's Report Volume 1     Date of Inquiry:  8 September - 4 October 1994

Section A       Section B        Section C        Section D


Inspector's Report Volume 2     Date of Inquiry:  6 December 1994 - 31 July 1995 

Section A        Section B          Section C          Section D           Section E        Section F        Section G          Section H          Section I            Section J          Section K        Section L          Section M          Section N          Section O