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Planning Policy

Planning Policy

West Northamptonshire Joint  Core Strategy 

The Joint Core Strategy (the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy Local Plan), was adopted by the Joint Strategic Planning Committee on 15th December 2014.  Together with the remaining saved policies from the Daventry District Local Plan, it now forms the Development Plan.  Further information can be found on the Joint Planning Unit website.


This will be supplemented by policies in the Daventry Settlements and Countryside (part 2)  Local Plan. 


Daventry Settlements and Countryside Local Plan (part 2)

This plan is currently subject to consultation from Monday 27th November 2017 until Friday 26th January 2018. Further information is available here.


Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople Local Plan (part 2b)

The policies that were going to be included in this plan have now been incorporated into the Daventry Settlements and Countryside Local Plan. Therefore we will no longer be producing a separate Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople Local Plan Further information is available here.


Daventry District Local Plan 1997

The Daventry District Local Plan was adopted in 1997. Some of the policies were saved by a Direction from the Secretary of State in 2007.  In December 2014 the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy was adopted and this replaced some of the saved policies. 


The remaining saved policies will be replaced by policies in the Settlements and Countryside Local Plan.


Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning has been introduced through the Localism Act 2011 and forms part of the statutory planning process.


Community Infrastructure Levy  

More details can be found here

Frequently asked questions about the Levy and how it affects Developer and Householder applications can be found here.


Self and Custom  Build Register

Proposals to introduce eligibility requirements to enter onto the Custom and Self Build Register were agreed at Council in December.  Existing entrants on the register will be required to re-apply and the new eligibility criteria will need to be met.  There will also be a charge to apply to join the register.  The changes will commence on 1st January 2017.  Further details can be found here.


West Northampton Strategic Development Framework

The council has worked with Northampton Borough Council, South Northamptonshire Council and housebuilders to produce a framework for the production of masterplans for development on housing allocations on the western side of Northampton. The document can be seen here.


Infrastructure and Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document

The Infrastructure and Developers Contributions SPD was adopted in October 2013. Some of the costs within the document increased from 1st January 2015.  You can view the associated documents online.


Supplementary Planning Documents/Guidance and Planning Briefs

These documents clarify and expand upon policies contained in the Local Plan.


Daventry 2040 Masterplan

A Masterplan has been prepared for Daventry Town. The Masterplan sets out a vision for the town to 2040 and a framework for achieving that vision.


Annual Monitoring Reports

Planning authorities are required to prepare Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR) to monitor how the Council is performing in implementing the Local Development Scheme (LDS), and progress in achieving Local Plan aims and objectives. The Joint Authorities Monitoring report for 2014/15 can be viewed here or on the Joint Planning Unit website. 


Five year  Housing land supply and Housing Implementation Strategy

The third quarter monitoring report has now been published.

The Council published a report on housing land supply as at the 1st April 2017 which identified a 6.13 year supply.  More details can be found here.


Village Design Statements

The role of a Village Design Statement is to provide more detailed design guidance for a parish and to supplement the planning policies of the local planning authority.  They are prepared by Parish Councils, and following consultation they are adopted by the Council as Supplementary Planning Documents.


Conservation Areas

A Conservation Area is an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance. 



Most of the publications can be viewed on line, but some older documents are not available in this format.  These documents can be purchased or viewed at DDC, Lodge Road, Daventry.


Northampton Growth Management Scheme

The Northampton Growth Management Scheme (NGMS) deals with the impacts of growth in and around Northampton on the A45/M1 corridor.


Statement of Community Involvement       

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out how the Council will work with the community as well as partners and stakeholders in the production of Local Plans, Neighbourhood Plans, Supplementary Planning Documents, Conservation Area reviews and the determination of Planning Applications; it outlines the consultation and involvement processes and monitoring arrangements. It also sets out how the Council will provide support for neighbourhood planning. This document is a review of the Statement of Community Involvement Adopted in 2006 and partially reviewed in 2012.

Brownfield Register

View the Council's register of brownfield land published on 21st December 2017 in accordance with The Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017.


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Settlements and Countryside (Part 2) Local Plan

The Part 2 Local Plan is subject to consultation from Monday 27th November 2017 to Friday 26th January 2018. Further information is available here.


The Council approved a revised Local Development Scheme at its meeting of Full Council on 7th December. Further information is available here.

Brownfield Register


The Council published a Brownfield Land Register on 21st December 2017. Further information can be found here


Housing Implementation Strategy
31st August 2017


The reports for the first and second  quarter of 2017 have been published. They can be found here.


Neighbourhood Plans 

13th December 2017


At its meeting of Full Council on 7th December 2017, Daventry District Council agreed that the Crick Village Neighbourhood Plan, as modified by the Examiner's recommendations, should proceed to referendum. You can find out more information here. 


Daventry District Council and Woodford cum Membris Parish Council have appointed an independent examiner to undertake the examination into the neighbourhood plan. You can find out more information here.  


The revised Overstone Neighbourhood Area was designated on 12th October 2017.                 



Harlestone and Moulton  Conservation Areas       

28th July 2017


At its meeting on 27th July 2017, the Council adopted Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans for Moulton and Harlestone as Supplementary Planning Documents , together with revised conservation area boundaries.  Further information can be seen here


Housing Allocation Scheme and Housing SPD 

28th July 2017 


At its meeting on 27th July the Council agreed changes to the Housing Allocations Scheme and Housing Supplementary Planning Document.  The changes provide a single policy approach for nominating housing across the Northampton Related Development Area.       


Statement of Community Involvement


 A revised version of theStatement of Community Involvement was agreed at Council on 17th May. 


Housing Land Availability Report


The Council has now published its annual report on housing land supply which is available to view here.  This report identified a 6.13 year supply as at 1st April 2017.