Renting Privately

If you are seeking accommodation it is advisable to consider your options. Privately renting is a popular option, generally quite quick to obtain and offers a variety of choice.

If you are not in work or on a low income you may be able to get some help to cover your rental payments. Payment of housing benefit or the housing element of Universal Credit will depend on your family make-up in accordance with the local housing allowance. It is very important if you qualify for benefits to check that a privately rented property is affordable. For a single person up to the age of 35, you will only be entitled to the value of a room rent.

There are a number of ways to source a privately rented property

  • Look in local newspapers
  • Look in shop windows
  • Visit agencies, eg rental agents, accommodation agents, estate agents 
  • Through word of mouth
  • Social media
  • Bidding on suitable, advertised private properties through Daventry HomeChoice

If you are considering privately renting you should make appropriate arrangements to ensure

  • You can pay a deposit - expect this to be a minimum of one months rent
  • You can pay the first months rent in advance
  • You are able to afford the monthly rent
  • You can afford your utility bills


Please also be aware that you may be required to pay for credit reference searches and other admin charges.