Housing in Daventry District

A homely destination

Defined by its beautiful West Northamptonshire countryside setting and strategically placed at the centre of the national road network, Daventry District provides a rare and sought-after balance of urban and rural lifestyles.

The district covers more than 250 square miles and is made up of the historic market town of Daventry, and 78 villages, contributing to its distinctive character and rural charm.
Latest figures give a district population of about 79,000, with approximately 25,000 living in Daventry town itself. The health of people in Daventry District is generally better than the England average and crime levels are low.


Daventry District scene
Daventry District Field

A growing property market

Daventry District, along with neighbouring Northampton Borough and South Northamptonshire District, makes up the West Northamptonshire housing market area, with all three local authorities working in partnership to understand the drivers and dynamics of the housing market to help support future development and sustainable growth.

Daventry District is located in a place where the economic strength of London and the South East meets reasonable land and house prices. Daventry town is growing fast, with the current population expected to grow to 40,000.

Sustainable Urban Extensions (SUEs)

The West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy allocates Sustainable Urban Extensions (SUEs) in Daventry District that will provide a significant number of new homes.

However SUE’s do not only provide new houses they are neighbourhoods that incorporate local centres, employment, education and other facilities, whilst being integrated with existing communities and built up areas, supporting the area as a whole.

One SUE, Daventry North East (Church Fields) is allocated for the town of Daventry, which will provide a total of 4,000 homes. A further four SUE’s are allocated in the District on the edge of Northampton at Northampton West, Dallington Grange Gateway, Buckton Fields and Overstone Leys, to deliver an additional 5,750 homes to meet the housing needs of Northampton.

For more information on SUEs and to view the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy, visit westnorthamptonshirejpu.org


Home ownership and private rental

If you’re looking to buy or rent a home in Daventry District, there are a variety of ways of finding out what’s available in the area:

HomeChoice @ Daventry

You can also bid for social rented properties in Daventry District online at  HomeChoice @ Daventry.

First you will need to register to be considered for the scheme -  please visit our registration page