Temporary Accommodation

Temporary Accommodation

If you think you might need temporary accommodation, you need to make contact with the Housing Options team as soon as possible. We will complete an assessment of your circumstances and decide whether we are able to provide you with an offer of temporary accommodation.


What is temporary accommodation?

Temporary accommodation is accommodation provided to households accepted as eligible, homeless and in priority need, on an emergency basis. This can include houses, flats and bed & breakfast type accommodation. You may have to share kitchen and bathroom facilities. We try to find accommodation in the district, but sometimes we have to make out of District placements. We are able to provide this accommodation whilst we make enquires into your circumstances.

Finding your own temporary accommodation

You may prefer to make your own arrangements whilst we make enquires into your circumstances, through staying with family and friends. This won't affect your application, but you may find it more suitable in the short-term.

Staying in temporary accommodation

You are likely to have to pay for your temporary accommodation. We will tell you the amount you have to pay as soon as possible after you move into the accommodation, and we will help you with your housing benefit forms if you are entitled to it. You may also be liable for Council Tax and utility costs.


Our temporary accommodation placements will not accept pets. You will need to arrange for your pets to be looked after by friends, family or an animal charity.

Moving to different accommodation

Some of our accommodation placements are managed by external providers. Therefore, there may be a requirement to move between different temporary accommodation placements, depending on their availability.

Temporary accommodation rules

When you move into temporary accommodation, you will be required to agree to certain rules. These rules may relate to your behaviour, visitors and payment. If you fail to follow these rules, you could risk losing your temporary accommodation and any future accommodation.


If you think you are homelessness, please contact us as soon as possible.

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