Homelessness criteria

The criteria below is set as an example. If you are applying as homeless each separate criteria will need to be satisfied, along with supporting evidence.

Although each application is dealt with fairly and accurately, each situation for applying is different. Therefore if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness you are urged to seek professional advice prior to making an application.

You will be asked to provide documentation and supporting evidence in order for your homelessness application to be assessed against the below criteria. Failure to provide any information that has been requested may lead to your application being delayed and being at the risk of it being cancelled. 

Once a Homelessness application has been completed, Daventry District Council will have your authority to collate any information from other organisations (if necessary), in order to evidence the below homelessness criteria.

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for assistance the authority will require evidence that you are entitled to reside in the UK.

Are you homeless or threatened with homelessness?

If you / your family have nowhere to reside or are at risk of having nowhere to live within 28days, then you would be classed as homeless. This could also be the case if you are at risk of violence, you live somewhere but cannot gain access to it, you no longer have a legal right to the property, its not reasonable for you to occupy due to disrepair.


Are you Priority Need?

You are considered to be in priority need if:

  • You or a member of your family is pregnant
  • You have dependant children in your full time care
  • You are vulnerable due to old age, ill health or a disability, coming out of prison or fleeing domestic violence.
  • You are considered as being vulnerable after leaving the armed forces or having been in care.
  • You are homeless due to an emergency e.g. flood, fire
  • You are aged between 18 and 21 but have previously been in care.

The council won't automatically consider you to be vulnerable if you fit one of these categories. For example, the council may decide that you are not vulnerable if you have an illness but it can be controlled by medication, or if you are over 60 but are in good health. However, you may be vulnerable for other reasons. Make sure you tell the council about any personal circumstances that make it difficult for you to deal with your housing situation.


Are you intentionally homeless?

The council may conclude that you are intentionally homeless based on aspects that could have been avoided, for instance:

  • You had somewhere to occupy that was reasonable for you to continue to occupy, but chose to leave
  • You contrived an eviction by asking your landlord to give you notice
  • You were evicted for a breach of your tenancy agreement or involved in anti-social behaviour


If your homelessness was not intentional, then you would satisfy this criteria.


Do you have a local connection?

In most cases the council will only house you if you have a connection to the area you are applying.


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