Are you homeless?


On 3rd April 2018, the Homelessness Reduction Act came into effect, changing the way that we support people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness within the next 56 days.


We are required to make enquiries if we have reason to believe that any person is homeless or threatened with homelessness.

We would consider you homeless if:

  • You have no home in the UK or anywhere else that you have a legal right to occupy

  • You are at risk from harm in your current home

We will complete a Full Housing Assessment with you to help us understand your situation and any support you might need. We will then complete and agree a Personal Housing Plan to outline what you should do and what we should do to relieve your homelessness. If we are satisfied that you are eligible, homeless, and have a local connection, we have a duty to relieve your homelessness. This duty lasts 56 days.

Our advice and assistance could include:

  • Seeking accommodation through the HomeChoice register

  • Seeking accommodation through privately renting

  • Seeking accommodation through mediation with friends and family members

  • Finding shelters and hostels

  • Using our DHPS Loan Scheme

  • Financial and budget advice

You may also be entitled to temporary accommodation if we think you might be priority need. We will assess whether we have reason to believe that you or someone you live with are priority need through considering the following categories:

  • You are pregnant

  • You have dependent children

  • You are vulnerable as a result of old age, mental illness, learning disability, physical disability or any other special reason

  • You are 16-17 (subject to a social services assessment)

  • You are under 21 and you have been in care

  • You are over 21 and vulnerable as a result of being in care

  • You are vunerable as a result of being in the armed forces

  • You are vulnerable as a result of being in custody

  • You are unable to return to your home as a result of violence

  • You are homeless or threatened with homelessnes as a result of an emergency, for example, a fire or flood


After the 56 days have ended, we will consider whether you are owed the main duty. You will be owed this duty if you are:

  • Priority Need

  • Not intentionally homeless

If you think you are homeless, please contact us as soon as possible.

   During office hours : tel. 01327 871100 

   Outside office hours in an emergency : tel. 01604 629804


   Daventry District Council, Lodge Road, Daventry, NN11 4FP

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