Daventry Homeless Prevention Scheme (DHPS)

 What is the DHPS scheme:

DHPS is a loan scheme set up to help individuals and families who are homeless or threatened with homelessness to fund access to accommodation.



Under the new Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 we are under further obligation to help prevent and relieve homelessness.


How can it help:

By providing an interest free loan to be used for rent in advance or a deposit on a private rented property; or

By using the loan as a "rent rescue" option to help you remain in your existing property if you have arrears with a current landlord; or

By using the loan as a "rent rescue" option to help you source alternative accommodation if you have arrears with a previous landlord.


Are you eligible:

The scheme is available to anyone considered eligible, homeless or threatened with homelessness.

Please be aware that you will need to attend an initial assessment with the Housing Options Team at Daventry District Council.

You will be asked to provide documents to prove that you meet the following criteria:

18 years old or over;

Living or working within Daventry district for at least 6 months;

Unable to pay off arrears at your current or former rented property;

Prepared to rent for minimum 6 months;

Consent to DDC making enquiries to other organisations to determine suitability and affordability;

Able to afford the property in question;

Agree to repay the loan at an affordable agreed repayment rate;

Provide all necessary documentation when requested.

Please note there is no guarantee of acceptance.  All applications will be considered on an individual basis following completion of the application and satisfying eligibility enquiries.



If you qualify for the scheme you will be responsible for making the agreed repayments to DDC;

Failure to make the agreed repayments may lead to recovery action and court proceedings;

There will be a cap on how much funding you may receive;

DDC will not recommend any private rented sector landlords;

DDC will not provide a reference to prospective landlords.


In line with the new GDPR 2018 any personal information submitted to support your suitability for DHPS will be treated in accordance with GDPR regulations.


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