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Daventry District Council
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Register with Daventry HomeChoice

RegisterĀ for HomeChoice

To be considered for social housing in the Daventry District you will need to complete a HomeChoice application form. To make the best use of the very limited housing stock and significant increases in the amount of people wanting to be rehoused, the housing register is restricted to make sure only those with a qualifying need to be re-housed are registered. These restrictions are in line with the Localism Act 2011, which has allowed local authorities housing polices, or allocation schemes, to be reflective of the local circumstances. 

More information on Eligibility and Restrictions.

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HomeChoice Application form

A Medical self-assessment will be required if you suffer from a medical condition, disability or have current welfare issues.  

If you are unable to print either application from this web site please contact us and we will be happy to post one to you, alternatively drop into the council offices to collect.

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Medical Self-Assessment Form

Please ensure that you provide the necessary supporting documents with your application, failure to provide these will result in your registration being delayed and in some cases your application will be returned to you. Documents can be brought into the One Stop Shop at our Lodge Road offices for copies to be taken.


Medical Issues: If you have difficulties in your current accommodation due to medical needs please complete a Medical Self-Assessment form. Providing that you are eligible, in accordance with Daventry District Councils Housing Allocation Scheme July 2017, medical needs may be taken into consideration on your application; this will depend on how your current accommodation affects your medical issues.

If you are having difficulty in your current property due to issues relating to illness or disability you may be able to apply for government funding. Information on grants to adapt your current property can be found at www.direct.gov.uk

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Once your application has been processed you will be sent a letter. If you have been accepted to go onto the housing register your letter will detail your priority and the reasons we have given you that priority, the types of properties that you are entitled to register an interest in and your account or ‘Pin’ number that you will be able to use to access your HomeChoice account on-line. From this point your application will be active and you can start to bid for properties you are eligible for. If you do not qualify to be registered you will be written to with detail of the reasons for refusal.

If you wish to make an appeal on either your eligibility to be registered, or your banding, you will be required to put your reasons in writing addressed to the Housing Options Manager within 21 days of the banding or refusal letter.


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